Our story

This is our story

Improving productivity and profitability for our clients is the aim behind everything  we do, whether that is process development, software/control systems or services in design and construction.

Spela videoklipp

Increased productivity is what industrial engineering is all about.

Nearly 30 years of experience

MVV was founded in 1990 with industrial engineering as its core competence.
The 90’s was marked by outsourced production, driven primarily by a high cost situation in Sweden.

Increase productivity

The measure of lowering costs through lower labor costs is obviously an option for achieving increased profitability. The alternative is to increase productivity, so that the same input in terms of materials, working hours and equipment produces more.

Quickly and efficient

The legacy of the early 90s has never left us. Our operations will contribute to increased productivity in everything we do. It is easy to understand that our industrial engineers in the field strive for continuous improvement of our customers’ productivity, we let the concept of productivity be our guiding principle in everything. Our recruitment processes must be quick, efficient and accurate.
Our products should be simple, efficient and cost-effective.
Our education programs focus on productivity and the teaching itself is carried out with optimal content so that the student learns quickly and efficiently.

A lot of action and less talk

As one of our customers of us, you will notice our focus on productivity. For a long time our mantra was ”a lot of action and less talk”. So, do not expect any long explanations about our excellence. Use us and get results.