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We currently support Volvo Cars, Volvo Group, NEVS, Swegon and many more by providing them with a high standard of engineers and engineering services.

We have more than 3000 potential future co-workers for you in our database. Give us your requirement specification and we will find you a perfect match. 

The story of mechanical engineering

In 2009 we acquired LPI engineering. Since then we have delivered engineering services to the Swedish automotive industry, the Norwegian oil and gas industry and their suppliers. 

Using engineers with a broad range of experience will revitalize your organization. Using engineers from the Swedish automotive industry one site in the Norwegian oil and gas industry changed their perspective on things like GD&T, quality assurance and delivery precision. 

Today we face a lack of engineers. Our mission is to revitalize your organization by finding engineers around the globe who are ready to work on site at your company. 

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